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BT225: Prayer: Its Power and Purpose - Dr. Gordon Henry (BT225)

A foundational study of prayer. The course will focus on a scriptural and systematic study of spiritual warfare. Students will come to see that Satan has already been defeated and has no place to stand.

Title - Spiritual Warfare: Prayer And The Word
Author - Gordon Henry
NOTE: To order a hard copy, please contact Gina Brasington at CLSTG Headquarters: gina.brasington@clstglobal.org or (706) 223-0886.

Course Textbook: INCLUDED

  • Video Lectures
  • Session 1A sample
  • Session 1B
  • Session 2A
  • Session 2B
  • Session 3A
  • Session 3B
  • Session 4A
  • Session 4B
  • Session 5A
  • Session 5B
  • Session 6A
  • Session 6B
  • Session 7A
  • Session 7B
  • Session 8A
  • Session 8B
  • Session 9A
  • Session 9B
  • Session 10A
  • Session 10B
  • Exam
  • BT225 Exam
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